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Review from the Monkey King

"The two Monkey Kings (young and older) Evan Phillips and Evan Houdek were fired up and energized the entire stage. They embodied a rebellious ambition as they made the quest along with the Pig and the Fish and the Jade Emperor whose stories intertwined as all searched for enlightenment despite demons and twirling battle sticks."

-Published by Aaron Herrbach, Greater Lansing Ubiquitous Theatre

Monkey King

Review from Thus With A Kiss I Die

“Those who have been to a murder mystery dinner will be familiar with the immersive nature of ‘Kiss,’ although this production is that experience on steroids. ‘Kiss’ takes place at the fictional Jekyll University in 1958. The theater department has brought in a progressive guest director (Raied Jawhari) for its production of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ This ‘New York Jew’ has made it his mission to bring Northern values to this Southern college by casting a black Romeo (Evan Phillips) with a white Juliet (Jamie Lien). At the opening night performance, I was particularly touched watching Joseph, who plays Romeo, explain to Maggie, who plays Juliet, that while the kiss might cost her her reputation, it could cost him his life. Phillips and Lien are perfectly cast, as the gawky and seemingly powerless duo experience an achingly tender loss of innocence. They are baby birds who have recently left the nest and are now learning about the opportunities for both cruelty and kindness in the bigger world.”

-Mary C. Cusack, Lansing City Pulse


Review from Disney's Newsies

“Even if some of the players have limited character development, the entire ensemble is likable and sharp. Many of the fellow Newsies may not have much personality, but they certainly overcompensate for it in spirit, leaping, somersaulting and pirouetting all across the Aurora stage in number after number. Doing a lot of that heavy lifting are Zach Gamet, Sterling McClary, Joseph Pendergrast, Atarius Armstrong, Aaron Carter, Chris De’Angelo, Luke Badura,
Evan Phillips, Peyton McDaniel and Kevin Dakake.
They are a pleasure to watch.”

-Jim Farmer, ARTS ATL


Review from The Tempest

“Only the modern haircut of Trinculo, gleefully played by
Evan Phillips, seemed out of place.”

-David Winkelstern, Lansing City Pulse


Review from Lawrenceville Ghost Tours

“Did a Friday night tour - our guide was well versed on the local city history - he was funny should be doing comedy in tv or stage as his personality and skills will lend perfectly to those venues.”

-Soc6, Trip Advisor

Ghost Tour Review from the Atlanta Journal Constitution & Arts ATL

Ghost Tours
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